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Thread: Different pressing offsets?

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    Jul 2020

    Different pressing offsets?

    Ripped a CD and for the first time I got different pressing offsets in the log.

    AccurateRip: Accurate (confidence 22) [Pass 1]
    CRC32: 7DA9A099 AccurateRip CRC: C94BB1E0 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 010-000f6501-007d34ee-6f09fb0a-2]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 22 [CRCv2 c94bb1e0]
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 16 [CRCv2 6a5c62c2], Using Pressing Offset -12
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 3 [CRCv1 220993b1], Using Pressing Offset -12
    AccurateRip Verified Confidence 8 [CRCv2 974099e0], Using Pressing Offset -36

    How is it determined which offset is used?

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    Re: Different pressing offsets?

    These offsets are just match offsets of the pressing, they were all used.

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