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Thread: Asset UPnP Tidal integration

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    Asset UPnP Tidal integration

    Hi everyone,

    I really enjoy using Asset UPnP server on my Raspberry Pi, it is stable and reliable, as well as, provides Bit Perfect playback to my Meridian streamer.

    The only additional feature I need is a native Tidal (MQA) integration, like some other servers like Roon and Audirvana, which will allow me to keep all digital sources, USB storage and Tidal, in one device.

    My question to the Asset UPnP developers is about any future plans to integrate Tidal into the server, and make it a world class software.

    Kind regards,
    Dr Galin Mamarov

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    Re: Asset UPnP Tidal integration

    I would not rule it out, but is not currently being worked on.

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