I've recently decided to resume ripping my entire CD collection as the previous attempts (mp3, ripping for iTunes, ripping to FLAC) have seen me begin and then halt.

Having had the software (RipNAS in 2010, dBpoweramp in 2011) for a number of years, I'm not unfamiliar with it, but want to have an optimal approach. Most, if not all of the previous issues that became obstacles appear to have been addressed. So before kicking this off, I'm realise the value from all those CDs and reduce reliance from streaming services!

Getting this right has become a long post, but I've tried to research before asking

Upgraded to v17 and having a dedicated rig to rip with means I think I am set... but having reviewed previous attempts, I want to ensure I have got it right

  1. Rip all CDs to FLAC (rip once, rip right and can be played on my Sonos)
  2. Rip all CDs to mp3 CBR for mobile devices / car
  3. Establish a robust naming hierarchy
  4. Leverage dbPoweramp capabilities
  5. Use other Illustrate apps to provide integrated solution for playing to include access to Sonos and avoid iTunes if possible

So to achieve my goals, I have followed guidance and suggestions from other threads:

My profile uses the multi encoder for FLAC and CBR 320kps, and the following

Dynamic Naming
[Genre]\[MAXLENGTH]220,[IFCOMP]Various\[year] [album][IFMULTI]\CD[disc][]\[album] - [track] - [artist] - [title] [][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[year] [album][IFMULTI]\CD[disc][]\[artist] - [album] - [track] - [title][][]

DSP - Replay Gain
Set to Track & Album

DSP - Playlist Writer
To create m3u

DSP - ID Tag Processing
Set to remove Day and Month from year

CD Ripper Settings
Secure (accurate rip, limit speed, ultra secure 2,4,2 vary speed)
No C2 set
Generate complete log file for future reference

MetaData Tags
default but added Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort, created RipDate Tag

Ripping Checkpoint
Is this an optimal setup, have I missed anything that would be an issue later on?

Assuming the configuration / settings are solid, then here's where I'm looking for most help / guidance from the community

Scenarios / Questions
  1. With Sonos using album artist, I wanted to introduce Album Artist Sort tag. So added in the Ripping, but my testing has shown this is not within the metadata. Therefore my understanding this has to be populated once the flac and mp3 files are created and edited post creation? PerfectTunes has a "sort tags" which I presume is the optimal solution?
  2. So should I try to alter my dynamic naming to use Album Artist Sort if Sonos is the primary listening platform?
  3. Having created the RipDate tag, I couldn't see a solution to autopopulated? Therefore this a post creation activity?
  4. My plan is to host all flac on my Synology NAS for both Sonos and Synology Audio Station. Any gotchas using NAS, particularly Synology?
  5. Replication to my NAS had been with Synctoy previously, but TuneFUSION combines this and Task Scheduler. I presume it makes sense to adopt this?
  6. Based on the dynamic naming structure being used, I should be able to alter the Album Tag to remove any reference to the multi disc. This should result in all files for the same CD boxset are grouped under that title rather than split, but any issues doing this?
  7. Is mp3tag still the best solution to automate tag updates? I have PerfectTune licence but still understanding the capabilities
  8. For CDs with a blank Album Artist tag, for non complilations, I want to link to the Artist and for compilations use "Various Artists". What would be the best method to achieve this?

Existing Music Files
  1. Previous music libraries These are a mixture of flac and mp3. Do I try to integrate into the naming structure or just rerip (I should have all the CDs)?
  2. For downloaded music, how easy is it to put it into the new folder structure / tags? Any gotchas for this?

Ripping Rig
I've repurposed an mediapc that had a teac DVD drive. I have a couple of external DVD drives that I can use via USB
With the multi licence pack, I could create a tower pc with multiple drives and use this exclusively. Does anyone else do this, or I am overthinking?

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!