Starting to get my head around the Arrange Audio codec (useful!), but have noticed a pretty serious bug that deletes original files if a tag that will be used in the filename has certain sorts of characters. Pretty much anything not in the English alphabet, in my experience.

Example scenario:
File name: Bonjour (Live in Paris).flac
Track name: Bonjour (Live a Paris)

...will be handled perfectly - Arrange Audio will update the filename as you'd expect:
New track name: Bonjour (Live a Paris).flac

When you have less common (to English speakers, at least) characters, it goes to pieces:
File name: Bonjour (Live in Paris)
Track name: Bonjour (Live Paris) (or Comme des Garons, or Hello Andr etc.)

...will mean that the original FLAC file will be deleted entirely, and Arrange Audio will show an error. Cross your fingers that the original is on a backup somewhere

Hope that makes sense.

FWIW this is on macOS 10.15.5, on an APFS partition, running the newest dBPoweramp software.