I have about 600 disks to rip. I would like to use multiple drives USB into a fairly high end laptop. I am a bit confused on the difference between CD Ripper and the Batch program. It appears that you can use multiple drives with the batch program but indicated that you need to pay for the artwork and track data? I am not opposed to that, but could not see how that is charged and what the cost is. Maybe I have this wrong and I am hoping that someone can clarify it. My main question is should I run one instance of the program for each drive simultaneously or use the Batch program? Also any recommendations on NAS or other storage solutions. I have used Bluesound Products and the interface is very nice, but it is not very transparent with what is happening. In using the trial version of DBpoweramp, I can see that it is clear what is going on with the rip and the data. Are there any other players or software out there that will give me a similar interface?
Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. I am very new to this, but I sure would like to get my collection ripped, stored and enjoy the music!

Also, Nimbie looks like a quick way to accomplish ripping. Any comments on it would be appreciated. Is it worth buying, using, selling? I see Moon Audio rents them, but only if you spend thousands of dollars on another piece of hardware.