I have an MF Digital Scribe 9604 available for sale for any reasonable offer. The machine is in good working order with all (4) Sata CD-ROM drives and 1TB hard Drive internally. Windows 7 is presently installed on the machine and dbpoweramp and batchripper can be added to the drive to allow this machine to run using batch ripper. I can provide any assistance needed to the new owner to get the machine running as I have two other machines which I use dbpoweramp on and no longer require a third machine. I have a folder which I can provide which has all of the drive commands installed in so you can just cut and paste it into the dbpoweramp folder and will be ready to use it in short order. This eliminates the need to go through the drive configuration set up in the software!

If you need additional information or would like to speak with me directly please send an email to progressivelabs@verizon.net and I will forward my number to you.

The MF Digital machine is located in New York city.