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Thread: ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

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    ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

    Being 66, I am at times out of my depth when it comes to audio technology.
    I am considering purchasing a remaster of the Karajan '63 Beethoven Symphonies.
    The set comes with 5 SACD CDs and 1 Blueray audio disc.
    What is Blueray Audio?
    Is it better than the SACD CDs?
    Can I rip the Blueray disc with CD Ripper?
    How do I rip a Blueray disc?
    Also, I don't have a SACD player - can I rip them to FLAC with CD Ripper? - Will I lose sound quality?
    Many thanks.

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    Re: ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

    I am sorry CD ripper will not rip SACD (as SACD, only the normal CD layer) or Bluray.

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    Re: ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

    Blu-Ray Audio is a Blu-Ray disk with mostly audio. You can play them in any Blu-Ray player.

    Better than SACD? Well, you can play them in any Blu-Ray player. Audiowise, you, I, and almost everyone else on this planet can't hear anything more than standard CD resolution, so no.

    Ripping Blu-Ray: Try DVD Audio Extractor. https://www.dvdae.com/


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    Re: ...Blue Ray Audio - Rip to FLAC?

    Most SACD are hybrid and can be read by a normal CD player. Check if that's the case here.

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