I had a power outage a few hours ago which restarted my pc.

I was well into a multi-day test encode of my Music file collection using the Video Converter. (I'm testing that with a Custom FFmpeg command, rather than using the customary Music Converter). That may change in the future. It's a lot slower, but after modifying the filters, it works well with both audio and video files, which I couldn't do with the Music Converter alone.

Anyway, due to the power outage I lost the log file that was being generated from the encodes. Refer to my "Information log.png" example image below...

Can someone please tell me where that log file may be hiding? I'm not sure if it would have gotten corrupted during the sudden power-down, and have been erased by Windows upon the reboot, but I need to know whereabouts they normally reside please? I did a system-wide search but couldn't locate them.

Example images:

Information log.png

Video Converter Debug Log.jpg