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Thread: Asset not updating automatically

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    Asset not updating automatically

    Hi all,
    New Asset user, I have almost got all things set up. My Naim App sees all my ripped albums on my QNAP NAS and they are tagged correctly, artwork is fine. However, if I rip a new CD, it goes onto the NAS but Asset does not pick it up on the App. If I then go into Asset and undertake a Scan to Detect Changes, the rip appears. I have the Detect & Catalog New Tracks box ticked. What am I doing wrong/have not set properly please ?. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Re: Asset not updating automatically

    Unlike Windows, Linux does (which the qnap is based on) does not notify always correctly when there are file system changes, so an option to scan every X minutes was added which eventually picks up the new tracks.

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