DBpoweramp Screen.jpgDBpoweramp Screen.jpgDBpoweramp Batch.jpgAfter loading the required software and some initial setup issues I had the changer ripping pretty good. After a few months away on deployment I returned home to rip more CD's, now it seems either the software or the changer has stopped working correctly. Batch ripper starts correctly, I mass load about 30 disks, the ripping process starts, the first disk loads into the internal recorder and begins spinning and ripping. The disk eject from the recorder and another disk enters and the process continues through all 30 disks while the first 5-6 disks are ripped appear in the results box and rejected disks appear in that box. At the end of the cycle the whole process stops cold with the mass insert/eject box appearing and only the first few disks ripped. When I close the dialogue box that's it, the process closes with only those 5-6 disks are completed even though the changer cycled through all 30 disks. If I try to start ripping again the exact same thing happens with the same 5-6 disks duplicated.

What could be the problem I've tried to look at the setting but beyond the basics I don't see any advanced settings. I deleted the ripping software and reloaded it but I get the same incomplete ripping process as before, cycle through disks, rip 5-6, stop. I am attaching screenshots to show what the issues and configurations I am looking at.