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Thread: Outputting embedded artwork from mp4 video to mp4 audio only files

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    Outputting embedded artwork from mp4 video to mp4 audio only files

    Hi Spoon.

    As you know, I've been experimenting with trying to get the converters to output embedded artwork.

    I know you said you'd look into it, but the following might be of help to you.

    I wasn't able to get Video Converter to pass through the embedded art in an mp4 video file using your build of ffmpeg-gpl.exe, yet if I swapped out your build included with D17 Ref with another ffmpeg.exe build that I had on hand (that I renamed), using the exact same commands, it successfully outputted an audio only mp4 file "with" the embedded jpg file included. So it seems that there is something different with the ffmpeg builds that changes this output. The build that I swapped in seems to be a slightly later version.

    I used the following simple Custom command as a copy (no DSP) to .mp4:

    -map 0 -map -0:v:0 -c copy

    Here's the log of both ffmpeg files at command level: cmd log.txt

    Anyway, I've got it all working now with the changed ffmpeg file (but I'd rather not do that) and I hope it might be of some use to you for analysis.
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