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Thread: Batch Converter "Clear" button issue

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    Batch Converter "Clear" button issue

    I'm using the dBpoweramp R17 Reference Batch Converter, and whenever I hit the "Clear" button at the bottom left of the main window, it always crashes out with "dBpoweramp Batch Converter has stopped working".

    I've tried it on two of my pcs and it does the same thing. Doesn't matter whether I've selected any folders or not.

    Just wondering if it's a known issue, or is it specific just to me?

    Can some others please check if it does this to them also. I have uninstalled, and then done a thorough clearing of dBpoweramp settings both in the reg and other data saving areas, and then re-installed, and yet it still drops out.
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    Re: Batch Converter "Clear" button issue

    Bug confirmed.

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