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Thread: Music app refuses to acknowledge PT's fixes

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    Music app refuses to acknowledge PT's fixes


    I bought Perfect Tunes on the weekend and tried to fix my music.app library (Catalina latest macOS).

    Perfect Tunes works like a charm, finds most of the missing artwork and adds the artwork to the folders (from what I have seen, by adding a Folder.jpg image to the respective folder).

    Unforturnately neither the macOS music app nor the music app on my iphone (13.5) seem to honor the changes I make with PerfectTunes. All I seem to be able to do is to manually add a cover art via the information tab in the macOS music app. Am I mussing something? Or is this part of the transition from itunes to music?

    Many thanks for your help.


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    Re: Music app refuses to acknowledge PT's fixes

    if the music app works like the older itunes app, then the artwork and metadata is stored in a special apple database. Updating the info by itself doesn't update the apple info database. Reloading the files into the database should update the database. Try this: remove an album itunes/music app (don't delete the files, just remove from itunes/music). Then re-add the the album. I suspect itunes/music app will now show the updated info. I recall there is a way to tell itunes to update all the files with a few mouse clicks, but can't recall the exact steps. Certainly, you can remove all the files from your itunes music library (don't delete, just remove), then add back all the files. Then itunes will reread all the artwork and metadata.

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