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Thread: [REPLACE] for remove space no longer works

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    Question [REPLACE] for remove space no longer works


    I have use the following command for years to strip space in names and now the result is it replace space with , ?

    Consider: Joe Smith & The Band - Their First Song.FLAC (From Album Number One) when processed with the following simple command to rename while stripping spaces.

    [GRAB]1,1,[artist][]\[REPLACE] ,,[artist][]\[REPLACE] ,,[album][]\[REPLACE] ,,[artist][]-[REPLACE] ,,[title][]

    Use to give:
    Destination\J\JoeSmith&TheBand\AlbumNumberOne\JoeS mith&TheBand-TheirFirstsong.flac

    Now same command return this:
    Destination\J\Joe,Smith,&,The,Band\Album,Number,On e\Joe,Smith,&,The,Band-Their,First,Song.flac

    Same command nothing else change. If I add anything between the ,, I get that character whereas before it was stripping any space to nothing.

    Any idea?


    EDIT: Windows 10, dbpoweramp release 17 (use to work in last 16).
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