Hi, sorry if I appear stupid but I have only just got dbpoweramp and I am not a very techy guy. I got the software to batch convert all my wma files built up over years of Windows Media player use (180gb approx)as I want to use Roon and they aren't recognised by that system. Everything started out fine and I left my computer chugging away with an approximately 10 hourís job converting the wma to flac level 5. However when I returned there were infinite error files and I think what happened was the system ran out of HD space. I stopped it, transferred big chunks of files to an external HD. Thought I had enough space and restarted. However, when it finished I randomly checked the files and many folders were empty, some were ok but were mstly wma, and some appeared to have files but it was titles only and they would not play. I had a backup of the original files, and so I refreshed some and did a small batch conversion. They seemed to be being converted, the software said it was, but when fished the files were still wma? HELP! I have also tried to convert single files, and they too donít convert. I uninstalled dbpowereamp and re-installed to no, avail. Any clues anyone? Thanks.