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Thread: dBpoweramp R17.1 [Windows] Beta

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    dBpoweramp R17.1 [Windows] Beta

    Change Log:

    Better handling of centering when opened from Total Comander
    Wavpack updated to 5.3.0

    CD Ripper: graphic overlap improvements
    CD Ripper: smarter handling of metadata if read from CDText, UPC and ISRC when blending with PerfectMETA
    CD Ripper: new option >> options >> active providers >> 'manual metadata search if no metadata' on by default
    DSD Tag writer, saves in Unicode

    ID Tag editor: if set a tag value to "" then it is removed

    File Properties >> Audio Property Tab - for multiple selected files displays the art from the first file
    File Properties >> ID Tags, '...' button is placed on next line
    File Properties >> ID Tags Art Description Shortened

    Naming, if using [origdrive]\[origpath]\[origfilename] then filename not touched (previously a filename 'abc .flac' would change to 'abc.flac' and not overwrite existing

    CD Ripper: defaults to Windows Built-in if ripping on Windows Server
    CD Ripper: manual metadata search will read album art from musicbrainz
    CD Ripper: reads artists better from discogs on various artist cds

    Replaygain: advanced page option to set the maximum gain value, previously a very quiet track would not have track gain or album gain written

    All codecs: preserves carriage returns in the tags for CUESHEET and EACLOG tags

    m4a FDK updated to 2.0.1
    Ogg Vorbis updated to (Ogg v1.3.4 Vorbis V1.3.6)

    New Naming value [multitag], if had multiple album artists and want the whole list in the filename then can use [multitag]album artist[] and it would return Artist1; Artist2

    Bug Fix: scripting was not working
    Bug Fix: if the option to use a specific temporary folder was used, it was possible for temporary files to be saved not in this folder (in %tmp%) which could fail when later in encoding process
    Bug Fix: Flac was detailed as '1.3.3 beta' when infact it was 1.3.3
    Bug Fix: Music Converter when finishing would leave old 'Writing ID Tags' message under the cpu encoder line
    Bug Fix: Multi-encoder was not working correctly always with dynamic naming for music converter
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper can rip direct to .dsf files, if the option to write to temp ._ files is on
    Bug Fix: if installed 32 bit dBpoweramp in 64 bit Windows, then would not allow edit id tags
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper track listed could still show composer if removed from manual metadata review page
    Bug Fix: Manual Discogs release lookup could fail
    Bug Fix: Naming [REPLACE] and [SPLIT] now use <comma_> rather than , to signify comma to replace or split on, this allows empty strings to be set for replace, to replace space with nothing: [replace] ,,[artist][]
    Bug Fix: Flac and m4a tagging can write tags where is no track number, but only a track count




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