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Thread: Newbie Q's

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    Newbie Q's

    Just downloaded Asset UPNP for my QNAP. All installed and working. I am liking many of the features offered. I am now trying to customise it to my liking so some questions (please be gentle to this newbie)...

    1. I have always used Album Artist rather than Track Artist. I have edited my browse tree to include this. Is there any way to use albumartist as the browse tag but use a different title for the branch of the browse tree?
    2. I have always included a tag in my albums called dateadded in which I add a date formatted as YYYYMMDD. I have added this to the browse tree. It shows a list of the different dates I have added albums (as expected) but when I click one it shows the tracks in the album where I would prefer to see just a list of albums added on that date.
    3. As for 2 above but an even better solution. Could clicking on the dateadded branch simply show all albums sorted by the dateadded field?
    4. Is it possible to change the sort direction (0-9 vs 9-0) or sort key (e.g. release date) for any branch of the browse tree.
    5. Can asset serve different images for different purposes e.g. an image for the artist rather than just the first album image?
    6. Can albums have the release date (year) appended to their title when browsing?
    7. What are the criteria for RECENT and NEW albums?

    That will do for now.

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    Re: Newbie Q's

    1. What would you prefer to change to?
    2. Is more involved, see the qnap section:


    3. No
    4. No
    5. This is quite involved also, it requires a replacement image put in the asset install folder, there was a thread recently on it for QNAP, I struggle to find though.
    6. No
    7. Last modified date

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