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Thread: Writing tags never seems to complete.

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    Writing tags never seems to complete.

    Using release 17 64-bit. When I do use either Batch Converter or Music Converter, the conversion window displays that one or more Encoders are still writing tags, although the Finish button is active. I've let the window sit for several minutes and the Writing ID Tags message(s) never seem to clear. I have attached a capture of the window.
    When I click finish and examine the tags, all seems well. The tag writing seems to complete but the message is not updated to indicate that.
    I am doing a small bit of scripting during the conversion, using REPLACE to eliminate the string (WAV) from the end of the directory into which the MP3 files are being generated.
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    Re: Writing tags never seems to complete.

    It is just a screen refresh issue, the program finishes as indicated by the 100% on title and the finish button appearing. It will be fixed for R17.1

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