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Thread: Accurip detects Corrupted Files, but they play Fine...

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    Re: Accurip detects Corrupted Files, but they play Fine...

    So many questions about how this program works. So I have another rip that reported a single inaccurate track (track 11) of an 11 track total album. So just for the heck of it, I downloaded the entire album off of Qobuz and deleted the original album: all 11 tracks. It wasn't an expensive experiment. After running Accurip (multiple different times) it still shows the same track (track 11) as inaccurate. I tried clearing the cache, changing the settings (spanner), etc.. No matter what, it shows track 11 as inaccurate. How is that even possible?

    I could see showing all 11 tracks as inaccurate, but not only the same track. The old files were FLAC and the new files are FLAC. The download is a 16/44.1 CD quality download (verified by Media Center - JRiver).
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