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Thread: Dbpoweramp Edit Id tags (right click command)

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    Dbpoweramp Edit Id tags (right click command)

    Hi, i've been using DBpowerAmp for several years and really like it. I often use the DB edit ID tags to change the album art size or get better quality.
    I also export them to Folder.jpg

    Let's says the original is 1600 x 1600 and I want to reduce to 1000x1000 and export to Folder.jpg

    I select the album art and choose to resize to 1000x1000 and It will resize. And click OK
    If I reopen the files now I have 2 album art the original 1600x1600 and the 1000x1000
    I then delete the bigger one and press OK

    (This will also happen if I delete the original album art and use the button to Get album art from Internet.
    After I press OK but if I reopen the files I will have both album art :original and the new album art)

    I reopen the files and now I only have the 1000x1000 and after I can Export to Folder.jpg

    Why Do I need to close and reopen 3 times all the files ? Why can't we make this in 1 single step ?

    Open files
    resize the album art
    Export to Folder.jpg
    Click OK
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