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Thread: PerfectTUNES [Windows]: Feature Requests

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    PerfectTUNES 3.2 [Windows]: Feature Requests

    Sorry, I know PerfectTUNES development is not as important as dBpoweramp. I'm using it since it is included in your complete suite.
    I try to tidy up my music library and it is being a great expenditure of time for me because PerfectTUNES results are quite often false positives.
    Neither the audio content can be compared completely (+/- 1 sec. -> possible match) nor the audio quality is being rated.
    For the latter I use Spek or FakinTheFunk (also not accurate at all).
    Requests for "simple" features in De-Dup Mode:
    - drag’n’drop to copy filepath to external apps
    - ID3 tag + lyrics content comparisons
    - easy copy cover/ID tag/lyrics from a dupe which will be deleted
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