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Thread: Tagging like in CD Ripper

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    Tagging like in CD Ripper


    I bought the PerfectTUNES after liking the Ripper workflow, epecially for the tagging. I didn't really test it properly and assumed it would be similar but I don't seem to be able to get the same functionality. Is there something I am missing? All I can find is the dialog that let's you edit the fields manually. I would simply like to have the exact same behaviour for a already ripped cd that I get in the ripper interface. Is that possible?

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    Re: Tagging like in CD Ripper

    There is no automated tagging for existing files.

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    Re: Tagging like in CD Ripper

    Is this on the roadmap for the software at all? It would be the perfect tool to fix tags on rips and I could definently use this a lot. Firstly, I have some CDs I ripped years ago that are now broken or lost but the tagging on them was terrible and mostly done by hand. So cleaning them up would be great. But I also had a few cases where I overlooked something in poweramp and then had to fix it by hand or in foobar. In those cases it would have been nice to just bring the album back into the ripping tagger and fix it.

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