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Thread: dBpoweramp R17.1 for Mac

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    dBpoweramp R17.1 for Mac

    Current version: beta 15

    Changes since R17:
    • Fixed launcher window not working correctly on Mac OS Yosemite.
    • CD Ripper: Fixed de-emphasis not being correctly activated on CDs with pre-emphasis.
    • CD Ripper: Added de-emphasis toggle.
    • CD Ripper: More readable output codec list (re-ordered codecs).
    • Batch Converter: Fixed 'last modified' date column not showing correct values.
    • Batch Converter: Added filtering by last modified date.
    • Opening Batch Converter or CD Ripper from menu rather than launcher buttons now reuses active launcher window rather than creating new windows.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • CD Ripper: Fixed incorrect handling of quotation marks in file names.
    • Fixed missing [encoder+] and [k_bitrate] fields in dynamic naming.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Added help button in window title bar.
    • Fixed more cases where [encoder], [encoder+] and [k_bitrate] were missing or wrong. They now consistently return information about the destination file.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Batch Converter: Button layout updated.
    • CD Ripper: Icons updated for better dark mode readability.
    • CD Ripper: Prevented meta refresh from being triggered again while already in progress.
    • CD Ripper: Don't show nonsense in filename column with special encoders.
    • CD Ripper: Fixed missing "disc in accuraterip" notice.
    • CD Ripper: Album art lookup shows number of pictures retrieved so far.
    • Reordered encoder list for better readability.
    • Fixed bugs with converter profiles, no longer crashes when trying to create a duplicate profile.
    • Added 'edit tags' in Finder context menus for folders.
    • Updated dynamic naming dialog, added examples.

    Changes in beta 5:
    • DSD tag writing now uses Unicode
    • CD Ripper: Added a toggle for manual search when there is no metadata.
    • CD Ripper: Removed obsolete freedb submission feature.
    • CD Ripper: Smarter handling of metadata if read from CDText, UPC and ISRC when blending with PerfectMETA.
    • ID Tag editor: Tag fields set to "" (empty) are now removed.

    Changes in beta 6:
    • Bug fixed cover image scanning support.
    • Made Batch Converter remember last used profile.
    • Made Arrange Audio respect file name character replacement settings.

    Changes in beta 7:
    • Fixed incorrect width of help button in window title bar.

    Changes in beta 8:
    • Fixed incorrect handling of quotation mark characters in Run External DSP configuration.

    Changes in beta 9:
    • Multi encoder instances can once again use shared file naming, now with a proper option to do this.
    • CD Ripper: No longer fails if multiple tracks produce same file name (repeating title + no track number in the pattern).
    • Debug logging improvements.

    Changes in beta 10:
    • Multi encoder: fixed use of [encoder] etc in shared naming.
    • Changed behaviors of debug logging toggle, remains active for the duration of app lifetime, affecting all conversions.
    • CD Ripper: fixed app becoming unresponsive when the previously chosen destination folder is inaccessible.
    • Renamed Finder "Convert with dBpoweramp" for folders to "Convert Folder with dBpoweramp".
    • Improved readability of conversion info/errors page.
    • CD Ripper: conversion info/errors are now always shown in correct order, not in order they finished encoding. Particularly relevant with Multi Encoder.
    • CD Ripper: metadata edits are auto saved when the window loses focus.
    • CD Ripper: fixed playback not working.

    Changes in beta 11:
    • Finder menus cleaned up, no more separate entries for folder / file actions, should fix keyboard shortcut binding.
    • Batch Converter: Do not pre-select last used profile when started via Finder menu in a specific folder.
    • Batch Converter: Fixed incorrect saving of selected files/folders in profiles.
    • Better feedback when the conversion destination path cannot be written to.
    • Configuration dialog cleaned up, separate 'diagnostics' tab. Added option to suppress startup update checks.
    • Debug logging improvements.

    Changes in beta 12:
    • CD Ripper: Fixed meta lookup bugs.

    Changes in beta 13:
    • CD Ripper: More compatible behavior of default Multi Encoder naming - old R16 profiles should work as they did, using shared naming settings.
    • Improved Diagnostics settings page.

    Changes in beta 14:
    • CD Ripper: Fixed missing tags if output file name contains quotation marks.

    Changes in beta 15:
    • Fixed Multi Encoder using shared naming instead of per-encoder.
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    Re: dBpoweramp R17.1 for Mac

    <now released>

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