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Thread: Limit De-Dup to find duplicates in a single folder

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    Limit De-Dup to find duplicates in a single folder

    I have a music collection that I've built over many years. As the cost of storage space has fallen, I've moved to re-ripping my CD collection as FLAC format. I've always used the following folder structure when organising my files:


    So now I have some Album folders that include both lossy and lossless files. I want to target only these duplicates, rather than duplicates within an Artist folder.

    For artists with 'Greatest Hits' albums, I want to retain files in that folder as well as where it appears on the original album. PerfectTunes lists these as duplicates, which I don't want to have to go through and manually de-select for deletion.

    Is there a setting that will ensure that only duplicates in the same folder will be flagged for deletion, rather than across the entire music collection?

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    Re: Limit De-Dup to find duplicates in a single folder

    Sorry this is not possible.

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