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Thread: Problems configuring

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    Aug 2012

    Problems configuring

    I have been happily using 14 for about 10 years with few if any problems.

    I have just changed a pc and Accuraterip doesn't recognise the drive. I have tried about 20 cds all of which have been rejected with the message below.

    This Key Disc cannot be used for offset detection it does not
    match the AccurateRip stored disc, or your drive does not
    exist in AccurateRip and this disc has multiple pressings
    stored. Please try a different Key Disc.

    Some of the disks I tried were definitely on the a key disks list on the Accuraterip website. Having spent/wasted a couple of hours on this can anybody help me find a way out. Being old and non technical I am not sure I even understand the message

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problems configuring

    Your new drive must not be in the database otherwise it would configure on 1 known disc.

    Your keydiscs can only be used if they do not have other pressings in the database, keep trying discs.

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    Aug 2012

    Re: Problems configuring

    Thanks for your response.

    I tried 20 yesterday - all failed. I tried 2 just now - both worked!! The wind must have changed direction.

    Am back to normal now..............well almost.

    Kind regards

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