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Thread: Discogs Release ID

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    Re: Discogs Release ID


    I have just installed R17.1 and manual metadata search still doesn't import album art from discogs

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    Re: Discogs Release ID

    Try this url:


    The art is shown in CD ripper after clicking ok to select the results.

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    Re: Discogs Release ID

    Sadly not for me.
    You can see in the screenshot that the album art is still blank.
    Is there a way I can enable a debug mode so that I can help solve this?

    That is weird I can't seem to be able to upload a screenshot, I have tried with FF, Opera and Chrome.
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    Re: Discogs Release ID

    I also continue to have the issue that the Discogs album art doesn't get copied to my dBpoweramp album data when I successfully use the manual metadata search feature.

    Also, a "feature request", when the manual metadata search finds nothing, to copy the artist name and album title which I just typed into it to the appropriate fields in the metadata input for the album, so I don't have to type it all over again.

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