I am currently running Asset UPnP on a QNAP server. Albums/tracks are streamed by cable onto my network and played using the Naim NDX2 streamer. The latter is controlled by the Naim app installed on an IPAD; the latter accesses my network via Wi-Fi (generated using a Ubiquiti Access Point).

Recently, I have been experiencing persistent problems accessing booklets via the Naim app. I will either receive a error message "Request failed; gateway timed out error code 504" or the cover image will appear but the page with the list of "x" number of tracks lists x links with the artist's name; all of these links take you to the "Artist details" page.

I hopes of addressing this problem, I have rebooted my router and upgraded its firmware. In addition, I have rebooted the access point several times after confirming that it has the latest firmware. I have also deleted and re-installed the Naim app twice. As a last resort, I upgraded Asset to v6.6 from v6.2 and ran a full re-scan of my library, but the problem continues.

I suspect that the problem lies within the Naim app, but write to see if there might be an issue in my Asset UPnP configuration that is causing this problem?