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Thread: MP3 to CDA or other codec to burn on CD-R

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    MP3 to CDA or other codec to burn on CD-R

    Excuse please if similar Q&A buried in archives somewhere.
    Question is, have registered 15.8 dBPoweramp Mac and PC license. At present only have dBPoweramp on Macbook Catalina OS 10.15.3, no Windows computer. Apple changed from iTunes to something called Apple Music which is even more worthless. Have MP3 files want to burn to CD-R and play in car CD player. They are audio educational content I enjoy listening to in the G_D awful traffic out here.
    Do not want to download/purchase any software program dodgy or not. Know Audacity from past, but Audacity not supported on latest version of Catalina OS. I converted one MP3 to AIFF. That was a no go. Wasted a CD-R. Any help from a pro or non-pro who has answers/workaround appreciated.
    Note of interest to readers: Been plowing through Michael Waldrop's book, The Dream Machine about J.C.R.Licklider and evolution of personal computing. Awesome detailed read about how we got to where we are. Highly recommended.
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    Re: MP3 to CDA or other codec to burn on CD-R

    Convert the mp3 files to wav files and burn those wav files to a CD in Audio CD format (red book standard).

    Dat Ei

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