I managed to get my flac files from a computer to an ipad. They are all in the foobar2000 music folder. When i browse album artist/album, album, title,shuffle, etc.-the folders are all empty. They seem to all be neatly in the music folder, but not on any player itself.

Issue 1: How to i get them in the player itself? If i go to "library configuration", i have the option of "rescan" of the foobar2000 music folder (with and off/on slider switch near rescan and option 2 "rescan" with on/off slider switch to ipod library.--or--i can "add folder"
i can play the files from the folder through the ipad speakers. As low as the volume is on the ipad, i can tell they sound great.

Issue 2: Am i able to play the files wirelessly from my ipad to my wifi speakers? That would be ideal for me. I am kind of old. They are all on the same wireless network in my home. One ipad with foobar installed and 2 wireless wifi speakers paired into left/right stereo mode. They also sound wonderful with other players. I would love to be able to do it from the foobar player on this ipad.

Also on the 'library configuration' page--at the bottom it says: Status: Idle. Last rescanned: (here, yesterdays date). Then it says, "0 tracks, 0 albums.

As a recap, i need a player for shuffling songs, etc. And i would like to wirelessly play them through my wifi speakers--wirelessly on the same network in my living room. Ps- i could fit my albums on the ipad, but i don't want to make another entire copy and run out of space.
Both apps are on the ipad: The foobar app as well as the app for the wifi speakers. Can you please help this aging music lover?
Oh, i almost forgot; i can also go into "tools" -to the "play location" and enter a url. Don't know how to do that either, but i want the play location to be on the wifi speakers. They, the paired left channel/right channel wifi speakers each have their own dac and amp built in. 24/96