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Thread: Inaccurate X AR (1) &*10003; Secure

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    Inaccurate X AR (1) &*10003; Secure

    [Apologies for the weird thread title - seems I had a 'tick' character in there]


    I have one CD that rips with an X AR (1) [Green Tick]; Secure message. Having searched the forum, it is suggested that if only one or two tracks error (as opposed to the whole disc) it could mean errors on that track.

    However, the confidence rating is only (2) for all of the other tracks on the CD. Does this mean that I have matched one entry and mismatched another in AccurateRip?

    I also ran the files through CUETools and I get this for the track in question:

    [CTDB TOCID: pg4E5_Oe7EDPdSCrEAcD47mi.ac-] found.
    21 | (6/6) Accurately ripped

    [AccurateRip ID: 003f092c-0437e72b-630dec19] found.
    21 [afb29200|ec511f3a] (0+0/1) No match

    Reading this I assume CUETools is more accurate in this case because there are 6 entries?

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    Re: Inaccurate X AR (1) &*10003; Secure

    No it means you missmatched the stored value in AccurateRip. The 6/6 is not accuraterip, it is cuetools own database.

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