A few weeks ago my batch conversions (singles as well) started to perform very badly. With my usual settings (FLAC > MP3 V0 Q0) it's always run at around 495-500x conversion speeds. Currently I'm only getting ~200-250x. Upon starting conversion the process halts for 3-5 seconds when it should be beginning absolutely immediately per usual. The progress bars of each file stutter constantly instead of moving fluidly like normal as well. Once in a while I even get encoding errors which I've never gotten in years of dBpoweramp use.

I consider myself a power user and have been troubleshooting everything I can think of. Rolled back BIOS as I updated that recently - no change. Tried converting on a SATA SSD drive and NVMe instead of the HDD - no change on either. Tried turning pre-cache files off - no change. Completely uninstalled the program, removing all remnants from C: as well as the registry. Fresh installed - no change.

Tried the same files on a 12 year-old HP box with the same OS, Windows Updates, audio codecs/versions. It continues to run perfectly. ~200x speed as it always did, starts immediately, and progress bars fill smoothly. Since that was still running fine, and being at my wits end, I partitioned off a section of the problem machine's boot drive and fresh installed Windows 10 Pro in a dual boot. Back to perfect performance - smooth, fast conversion at 500x. So it's not the hardware. It's some kind of software issue and not necessarily with dBpoweramp but possibly a conflict somewhere?

Does anyone have ANY suggestions of what else I can try. I really don't want to reconfigure my entire box. I have per-machine licenses for software I'm not even sure can be transferred in addition to so much other customized settings and configurations. It would take me an entire weekend - if not more, to get back up and running.