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Thread: Strange behaviour - displaying track artist

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    Strange behaviour - displaying track artist

    I've been experiencing something very odd.

    I rip my CDs to FLAC using dppoweramp and store them on a Synology NAS. I play them back using a variety of devices including Denon AV receiver, Marantz hi-fi and Synology's DS Audio app.

    I collect mostly soundtrack (score) CDs. I normally tag the composer as the album artist and then tag each track with either that same composer, or the performer of a song.

    When playing back on most devices, the panel displays track title and track artist correctly. However the Marantz has instead been showing the album artist against each track instead of the track artist. I tried every logical setting without success.

    Tonight I stumbled on the solution by accident and it's bizarre. If I leave the "disc number" field black when I rip, or remove the "1" from the meta-data on my NAS, suddenly the track artist displays correctly on the Marantz - and the displays on my other devices continue perfectly too.

    Does anyone know why "disc number" might affect the "track artist" display like this?
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    Re: Strange behaviour - displaying track artist

    Only Marantz know the answer to this one, they have programmed their system like that.

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