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Thread: Newbie help

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    Newbie help

    I'm just trying out TuneFusion, prior to purchasing. I've used dbPoweramp for many years, and if TuneFusion is equally good, then I'm sold. However, I'm not finding it at all easy to get it to work. I've been through the instructions and set up a folder which TuneFusion monitors. The first time I did it, the sync worked, and I have a number of albums successfully added to Foobar2000 on my iPhone 6S. However, I'm finding it impossible to add any more music. This evening I tried to add 1 additional album, but whenever I try to sync, all that happens is I get a message saying "preparing to sync". It sits like this for ages, and then finally I get a message saying "the last sync failed to complete".

    The process I went through to add the new album is as follows: I added a new folder, containing one album, to the General and Music Library, and the folder is listed in the "Audio Source" window. I have "1:1" selected for all file types, which I hope means that no re-encoding should be happening. All boxes are ticked in "source filtering". "Sync Main Library" is ticked in "smart playlists". I have advanced sync options set to "manual".

    The album I'm trying to add is made up of 8 mp3 tracks, stereo, 128 kbps, 44.1 KHz.

    I run Windows 7 64 Home.

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    Re: Newbie help

    On Foobar Mobile go into the Settings >> Sync with TuneFusion Menu to initialize the sync.

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