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Thread: overcharged

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    Nov 2019

    Angry overcharged

    Has anybody else been overcharged, I have a receipt for around 36 and my bank account has been debited around 116, I'm worried this might happen to others.

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    Re: overcharged

    We have responded to by email.

    We have not over charged and only charged 36, our email response to you provides the paypal payment id so you are able to log into your paypal and check the amount charged, which you will find is 36.

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    Dec 2019

    Re: overcharged

    dBpoweramp Complete For Windows $89 USD that's a joke bro,. "for that price it better come with a 6 pack of beer and one free hooker." Personally $39 USD is more about right. Most of the stuff on the we is free anyways like Audacity, Hardbrake, and 200+ more. But $89 is a joke. "I May Need to Sell my Kidney or my left nut for $89 bucks

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    Jan 2020
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    Re: overcharged

    While on my way elsewhere in this forum, I stumbled onto this thread, and while I am not necessarily one to provoke (well, for the most part), tensign's post above seemed out of place here. Perhaps it's more than another bit of software elsewhere, and perhaps it's less than other places. As this whole endeavor for the end-user is an effort in which we choose to partake, complaining about the price is irrelevant (and, in this case, undeserved). Don't like the price? Don't pay it. Not having dBpoweramp will not interfere with your ability to house and feed yourself or others in your care (and the opposite may even be true).

    Meanwhile, please look through the forums. Spoon, the owner of the site and the app, is everywhere throughout, showing that the price includes constant user support. If it's a full-time gig for him, I think the $89 fee is more than worth it.

    Now ... moving on to the topic I meant to find.

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