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Thread: Asset Upnp and Hires Audio Library

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    Asset Upnp and Hires Audio Library

    Hi everyone, i wonder if there is a way for Asset Upnp to display Hires logo on album covers for Hires files? can asset stream album covers with hires logo to control points?

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    Re: Asset Upnp and Hires Audio Library

    Asset does not change the album art for different types of file.

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    Re: Asset Upnp and Hires Audio Library

    How the contents of the Music Library is displayed is a function of the App controlling it, and not the backend Music Server, such as Asset. It&*8217;s job is the scan, index and then when requested by the Control App serve the content to the render.

    In my Asset based Playback path, the Control App is the Naim iOS App serving my Naim NDS. However this does not know what format the content is until it is being played by the streamer.

    For that type of music management you need Roon.
    But this is a completely different system to Asset and UPnP based playback.

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    Re: Asset Upnp and Hires Audio Library

    Thanks for the replies. yes roon would be the way to go, but roon is not compatible with my sound system. i am using a Marantz AvR 8805 With hEOS built in and the heos control app is marantz proprietary.

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