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Thread: Mac OS display issues

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    Jan 2020

    Unhappy Mac OS display issues

    Love the software, and am well on my way to ripping everything I own, but I have some visual issues on Mac OS 10.14.6. (I haven't upgraded to the newer version yet.)

    The icons and text colours in the Rip Status column don't match what I see here:

    As an example, here's what I get for an inaccurate track:
    missing icon.png

    The reports are being generated correctly, but it's a pain to have to refer to those instead of look at the results in the app itself.

    Anyone else get this?

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    Re: Mac OS display issues

    This was addressed in the latest beta version-
    Colors should be shown correctly now.

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    Jan 2020

    Re: Mac OS display issues

    Nice one - thanks, Peter!

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