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Thread: Upgrade to version 16

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    Oct 2014

    Upgrade to version 16

    Hi all & Happy New ripping year!

    Sorry to be a little late to the party but its been 2014 Since I upgraded.The (forced) move From Windows 7 To 10 Means downloading the latest DBPA software. Please forgive me but I rarely Come on here due to everything running smooth and I am rather "out the DBPA LOOP"..

    Do I need to upgrade to version 16..? and Its 15. (I was led to believe back in 2014 When joining any upgrade was free for life) I don't mind paying..(its a great programme)..But what Iam paying for..? Do I still get perfect tunes,Batch converter etc..

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    Re: Upgrade to version 16

    We have never supplied dBpoweramp Reference with a for life license.

    Batch ripper is free, and if you have PerfectTUNES already then that one is for life on all updates.

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