Hello. First time poster. I have read a lot of posts but am still not sure if Perfecttunes will help me. Here is my situation:

My library was ripped from Cd using dbPoweramp. This was an old version that I only recently upgraded. When switching from Audirvana to Roon, a lot of my music did not import correctly. Everything showed perfectly in Audirvana but not Roon. The Roon people have tried to help and pointed out that I should upgrade my version of dbpoweramp. After the upgrade, all new rips show up perfectly in Roon.

Unfortunately I need to fix a lot of the old files. I have figured out how to use the Batch converter in dbpoweramp to identify errors. However, it doesn't give suggestions on how to fix them.

Will the idtagger function in Perfecttunes identify errors in my library and make suggestions for how to fix them? Typing all corrections manually would take quite a while. I am less worried about album art than I am on getting data and file names correct so that they show up in Roon.

Any comments are appreciated.