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Thread: Asset UPnP R6.5 for Linux & Mac beta

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    Asset UPnP R6.5 for Linux & Mac beta

    Current version: R6.5 beta 6

    Mac: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asset-R6.5b2.dmg ( currently at beta 2 )
    QNAP: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asset_R6.5b7.qpkg
    Synology: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asset-R6.5b7.spk
    Linux x86-32: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asse...nux-x86.tar.gz
    Linux x86-64: https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asse...nux-x64.tar.gz
    Linux ARM 32-bit (Raspberry Pi): https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asse...x-ARM32.tar.gz
    Linux ARM 64-bit (newer Raspberry Pi): https://www.dbpoweramp.com/beta/Asse...x-ARM64.tar.gz

    Changes since R6.4:
    • Improved reading of certain malformed ID3v2 tags.
    • Internet radio bug fixes.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Made ID3v2 TIT1 always read as 'Style' in all file formats using ID3v2 tags
      A full rescan of your library is needed for this change to take full effect.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • Memory usage improvements.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Some more memory usage improvements.

    Changes in beta 5:
    • Improved scanning of very large libraries - resumes where it left if interrupted, rather than starting over.
    • New debug feature: status log, with top-level info that the other debug logs don't catch.

    Changes in beta 6:
    • Fixed extreme memory usage and failure to read tags with certain multi-chapter M4A files.
    • Made restart and rescan commands in the web interface use HTTP POST rather than HTTP GET.

    Changes in beta 7:
    • Additional debug logging
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