I have one album of audio files using the ogg format. I ripped to this format years ago through ubuntu and haven't had a reason for converting them until recently when my phone was unable to play ogg format. I've had a copy of dBpoweramp R14 kicking around for a little while and I tried to convert. It informed me that I was missing the ogg format. I went to the configuration and tried to install it through there. It worked!

I look and I can now convert to ogg, but when I go back to the Configuration it doesn't list ogg as a file type that I can convert or decode. When I use "convert to" it shows up as an option though.

Here's my error:

Error converting to Test Conversion, 'D:\user\Music\deadmau5\4x4=12\01 - Some Chords.ogg' to 'D:\user\Music\deadmau5\4x4=12\01 - Some Chords.IGNORE'
Error: Unable to load decoder for file type '.ogg', codec not installed? visit 'Codec Central'. [dBCoreConverter::dBCoreConverter]

The ogg vorbis codec that I installed is from the Codec Central

The only other thing I can tell you is that the ogg file has a bitrate of 1411kbps, and an audio sample rate of 44.100kHz. I noticed that the ogg vorbis settings are lacking any configuration for these settings when I look at them. Also, I can't match those settings while trying to convert to mp3 (lame),

Any Help or Suggestions would be appreciated!