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Thread: Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition ripping errors

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    Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition ripping errors

    Just got The Beatles Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition 4-cd set. One of the disks is a Blu-Ray, but I tried to rip the other 3. Discs 1 and 2 had issues with 2 drives. I got on the Steve Hoffman forum, and see that many have issues with this set. Any ideas what's going on? Anyone on here have issues making it "unrippable"?

    Ripped over 1000 cds with dbPoweramp and never had this type of issue, particularly with a brand new cd. Very frustrating.

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    Re: Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition ripping errors

    Please can you provide more information on the release you have?

    I am aware that accuraterips have been achieved using a couple of drives, with this release:
    The Beatles - Abbey Road Anniversary Edition

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    Re: Abbey Road Super Deluxe Edition ripping errors

    I ripped the Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Edition (2 CD) with no issues and all tracks have matches back to ACCURATERIP database. This version is:

    I also responded on the Hoffman forums. As noted there, I'd try different drives and also try without "C2 error checking" ticked. In addition, I'm sure you've tried cleaning the discs. If not, I find that sometimes helps with problem discs.
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