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Thread: CD ripping directly to Audirvana library

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    CD ripping directly to Audirvana library

    Hello all,
    New here. Downloaded trial version hoping it can fix my problem.

    I use Audirvana +. Prior to Apple changing to Apple Music, all was good. I had no trouble transferring my iTunes library into Audirvana. Worked great.

    After the change to Apple Music, the bottom fell out. My library in Audirvana was gone except for one track. The Apple Music library remained. And it won't let me move the Apple Music library ( old iTunes ) into Audirvana. And Audirvana has been no help.

    So I did a Google search and of course I know that I can't download CDs directly into Audirvana. But several users reported that they used DB Poweramp to do just that. So I ripped a couple of CDs using DB but they loaded directly into Apple Music and I cannot get the files into Audirvana.

    So, is there a way I can configure DB power amp to rip the files directly into Audirvana library.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Re: CD ripping directly to Audirvana library

    CD Ripper creates audio files which are saved to a specified location. In CD Ripper, the user can select the file format in the Rip to setting, and specifies the location, using the Path and Naming settings.

    If you do not want your ripped files to appear in Apple Music, then I suggest you don't rip to a location that Apple Music is monitoring.

    Further, this is not an Audirvana forum so most users here are unlikely to know how the software works.

    Unless you can tell us how Audirvana organizes/imports files into it's library and provide more information on your system e.g. platform/OS etc., it is going to be difficult helping you here.

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