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Thread: Metadata : Discogs - freedb

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    Metadata : Discogs - freedb


    (1) I have made two submissions to Discogs. Releases r12980570, r12986206.
    Admittedly these are incredibly niche CDs in the Celtic music genre but CD Ripper does not find these in the metadata search.
    It doesn't find r8334706 either.

    None of this is a major issue as thankfully the first two have extensive CD text (phew!) and the third is in freedb.
    Discogs data does seems to be captured for what you might call high volume mainstream releases; so searching and data recovery is happening.

    It would be nice to understand if there is an issue with Discogs.

    (2) A supplementary to the above is that neither of the first two CD data seem to get submitted properly to freedb. I get the confirmation and input my e-mail address but the data never seems to arrive in freedb. (tbh I can't even perform a browser based search of freedb after moving to Windows 10, so maybe freedb isn't a thing anymore?)

    CD text rescues me on this occasion but would be reassuring to understand what might be going on.
    Comments and insight welcome.


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    Re: Metadata : Discogs - freedb

    Discogs has no way of linking a CD Toc >> Metadata, so we have our own internal database which does this linking.

    Later verions of dBpoweramp will allow manual searching.

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