Sorry if this has been brought up earlier. I searched the forum but couldn't find…

I'm running two instances of Asset 6.3 on a Mac Pro running macOS 10.13 High Sierra. The two instances are pointing to two separate disks, so are completely separate libraries. I have it set up so I manually have to trigger library re-scans.

Here's the problem; The first instance (with 120000 audio files) updates very quickly just like it did when I only ran that one instance. The second one (with 50000 files) however is painfully slow to refresh. Whereas the first one refreshes after about a minute the second one takes maybe ten–fifteen minutes or so.

To test I have disabled the first instance but that didn't make any difference. But, I've also set up Linn Kazoo Server pointing to the same disks and Kazoo works perfectly when refreshing both libraries.

Has anybody else seen this behavior?