Is there a way to get the URL for a cover image that CD Ripper finds ?
There's been a couple of times already that it showed me a high resolution image that I was unable to find afterwards via Google. CD Ripper shows the site, but not the full URL, and even when specifying the site in Google, it would not find it.
Or if there is a way to also have the original image, that would help as well. Right now CD Ripper resizes the image to 800x800 before saving.

In fact, what I really want is to always have 800x800, regardless of the original size or aspect ratio.
1. A smaller image is left at the smaller size without resizing, while I would like it resized to 800x800.
2. Aspect ratio is maintained while resizing, so I sometimes end up with an image of 800x796 to just give an example.