Hi all.

So, I'm finding an odd thing when I import files into iTunes (which is now called "Music" because I've upgraded to Catalina, but that just sounds bloody silly).

I rip a CD to AIFF & then convert to AAC (usually with "batch converter" as I'm often already in the ripper & it's up there in the menu bar). I move the AAC files to their correct location in my iTunes library & import them into iTunes & an entry in the "grouping" field suddenly appears.

I select the album, delete the entry & when I okay it, a different entry appears! Sometimes I can go through 6 or 8 of these before it finally stays deleted!

I'm assuming this is an iTunes bug, as it's been such a big change to split everything that was "the iTunes conglomerate" into different apps, but I just thought I'd check here, to see if there's anything in the ripping & converting process that could cause such behaviour in light of a Mac OS upgrade?