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Thread: Reading Device in Batch Ripper

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    Reading Device in Batch Ripper

    After the initial set up, Batch ripper recognized the VGP-XL1B and did a great job of ripping the first few CD's. A few days later I took my computer to have it repaired and now the Batch Ripper no longer recognizes the player in E:, CD ripper does recognize the player in H: and single rips just fine. Both CD Ripper and Batch Ripper recognizes and rips from the computers internal Blu-ray player in D:. There doesn't seem to be a way to have the Batch Ripper recognize the VGP in H: drive or change the player to E: drive.

    Attached are screen shots to show how Batch Ripper, CD Ripper and my computer are seeing the VGP-XL1B now.

    Batch Rip.jpgCD Rip.jpgDrive picture.jpg
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    Re: Reading Device in Batch Ripper

    Never mind I figured it out.

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