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Thread: General Question

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    General Question

    So let me see if I understand CD Ripper correctly, as well as my supposed understanding of how he owner/developer designed it. The software only retains and collects CRC from CD's. When a CD is ripped neither the software of the owner /developer even knows what the CD is but only that it matches what someone else ripped?

    1.Whatever is the most ripped CD in the program the owner/developer could look in the database and see the data submitted or collected by CDRipper but has no idea what the title or artists is?

    2.I gather the metadata (track, artist, title) is only to populate the users tracks and for submitting to online databases and the CD Ripper keeps no record of such data?

    Just curious... if I was the owner of CD Ripper/ Accuraterip what kind of data can I see on my side submitted by users?

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    Re: General Question

    1. Correct
    2. Correct

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