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Thread: Lossless rip at low bit rate?

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    Question Lossless rip at low bit rate?

    I just ripped Coltrane's Blue World, Apple lossless, and the bit rate is lower than I'm used to -- ranges from 411kbps to 464kbps. When I look at other dBpoweramp CD rips, they tend to be around 1000kbps -- though now that I'm looking, I see some albums have higher ranges (Coltrane e.g. The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings, mostly above 1000kbps) and others lower (Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album, between 500-600kbps).

    I'm sure this variation is explained somewhere but my searches have been unsuccessful -- help please?

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    Re: Lossless rip at low bit rate?

    Are the lower bitrate tracks by any chance mono?

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    Re: Lossless rip at low bit rate?

    The CD doesn't say, but the liner notes refer to mono -- the properties for one of the tracks say "stereo" but, jeez I feel dumb, how can I tell if it's a "stereo" CD of a mono recording?
    Artist Coltrane, John
    Title Naima[Take 2]
    Album 1964 Blue World
    Track 8/8
    Disc 1/1
    Genre Jazz Saxophone
    Year 1964
    Size 13.57 MB (68% Compressed)
    Original Size 41.91 MB
    Length 4 minutes 9 seconds
    Channels 2 (stereo)
    Sample Rate 44.1 KHz;
    Sample Size 16 bit
    Bit Rate 1,411 kbps
    Encoder Apple Lossless (ALAC)
    Encoder Settings
    Audio Quality Perfect (Lossless)
    Contains Album Art, ID Tag [Apple iTunes]
    Channel Mapping
    File 08 - Naima[Take 2]
    Type M4A Audio File (VLC) [.m4a]

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