Hi all,

I've just discovered Asset and downloaded the free 30 day trial. So far it looks very detailed and promising for an audiophile such as myself. It'll take some time for me to completely assess the software but at first glance i like what i see.
All of my mp3's are tagged to id3v2.4 using ; as a seperator for my fields that may contain multiple values: GENRE and ARTISTS. See example below

Example track: Swedish House Mafia - Dont you worry child (feat. John Martin)
Current tags:
ARTIST: Swedish House Mafia
ARTISTS: Swedish House Mafia; John Martin

I may not know AUPNP enough yet but at first glance i noticed that the Musicbrainz ARTISTS tag does not appear to be recognised by AUPNP, can anyone confirm this?
I retagged a test album to make the field ARTIST carry the multiple tags as such:

ARTIST: Swedish House Mafia; John Martin
ARTISTS: blank

This worked but i thought i would check with the experts to see if AUPNP can be configured to recognise the ARTISTS tag before i go off retagging 15k mp3s

Best Regards